Which are the most beautiful Japanese shaved heads?

  • August 26, 2021

Posted February 18, 2018 08:51:18 There are many beautiful Japanese-style shaved heads, from the full-on bangs to the slightly more rounded versions.

In this video, we’re going to take a look at the top 10 most beautiful shaved heads on the planet.

We’ve featured a few Japanese-inspired styles here on the site in the past, but they are not among the top 100.

This is because most Japanese shaved faces are of very short length, usually only a few inches.

That’s why we’re looking at shorter, more rounded shaved heads that are a bit more in keeping with a Japanese aesthetic.

Here are the 10 most gorgeous shaved heads:1.

Nana from Shibuya2.

Kiyoshi from Tokyo3.

Yoshiko from Osaka4.

Kyoji from Nagoya5.

Ryo from Kita-ku, Osaka6.

Maki from Yokohama7.

Shun from Chiba8.

Kana from Sapporo9.

Takumi from Shizuoka10.

Yuko from Chino10.

Kazu from Fukuoka(source: YouTube)Japanese shaved heads are not only very feminine in appearance, they also tend to have very expressive facial features, according to Japanese hair expert Ryo Nagoya.

Nagoya is a professional hairstylist and owner of Nagoya-based hair salon, Maki Salon.

Nagora explains that Japanese hair styles are traditionally feminine in a way that Western styles are not.

He explains that in Japan, it’s easier to do things with your hands and that hair is a more expressive and feminine part of the body than in other countries.

He says Japanese hair is more expressive than Western hair, with fewer straight strands and more flowing strands.

Nagoyas explanation is that this is because Japanese hair does not have as many hairs, so it is more flexible and flexible to keep your face clean and tidy.

He adds that a Japanese shaved head has a lot of curves, which gives a much more feminine and feminine-looking appearance.

This article originally appeared on The Washington Post

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