When The Cut Goes Wild, The Cut Has Gone Wild

  • September 23, 2021

By The Cut goes Wild, a show that will take the popular MTV music streaming service and put it in the hands of independent music fans.

The new show will be a combination of the MTV Music Awards, The Grammys and the Grammy Awards, and will be co-produced by former MTV music editor/producer Brian Fallon.

It is expected to air on The Cut channel on May 10.

The network, which has had a run of music videos for several years, is planning a new series of music video shows, as well as an upcoming documentary called “The Cut,” that will explore the roots of the music industry and its impact on the creative community.

The company’s chief content officer, Matt Larkin, told The Wall Street Journal that the show would focus on the growing music industry in the U.S. and will include interviews with some of the artists and industry leaders behind the music videos.

“We have an amazing roster of talent, and we’re excited to explore this exciting and collaborative new way of looking at music and what makes it great,” he said.

Larkin also said that the new show would be a collaborative effort with The Cut creators.

“This will be our first collaboration in nearly a decade and it will be great to be working with the people who created it,” he added.

Lately, MTV has been trying to reinvent itself with shows like “Live from the Stage” and “The Realest,” which are a bit of an experiment.

But Fallon’s show will likely not be the last that MTV does with the music streaming platform.

In 2018, the network is also looking to expand into more genres, with a new musical collaboration between The Fugees and The Strokes.

Fallon has previously worked on shows with Justin Timberlake, Katy Perry, Ariana Grande and Lady Gaga.

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