Shaved sides in Lake Michigan? Rentals available for shaved sides

  • August 30, 2021

A shaved side may be a little bit of a novelty, but if you’ve ever been to the Shaved Side Inn in Michigan, you’ll recognize the place.

The Shavedside Inn in Shaver Lake, Michigan, is a tiny, quaint little spot on the shore of Lake Michigan that is located right on the lake.

The place has a huge, open patio area, with an open fire pit, and a full bar, a bar with a great patio, and even a full-fledged dance floor.

It is a nice spot to spend the day with friends, grab a quick bite to eat, or even just chill out with a beer or a few drinks.

The best part?

Shaved side rentals are also available on a daily basis.

If you want to get some great views of the lake, this is the place for you., an online rental service, is offering an incredible selection of shaved side options in Shaving Lake.

We love that you can find all of these great options in the rental marketplace.

Shave side options available at the website: Beer and Wine Shaved Sourdough Shaved Irish Stout Shaved Stout Shave IPA Shaved Ale Shaved Pilsner Shaved Wheat Shaved Pale Ale Shaving Red IPA Shave Ale Shave Belgian Brown Shaved Amber Shaved Chocolate Milk Stout Shaving Amber Ale Shaves Belgian Brown, Belgian Brown Lager, Double Dry Stout, or Lager Lager Shaved Brown Ale Shaped, Soured and Fruited Cider Shaved Citrus Sour, or Blackberry Cherry Sour Shaved IPA Shaped Blackberry Citrus Fruit Beer Shaved Lime Shaved Strawberry Shaved Cherry Lime Shaded Lemon Shaved Orange Shaded Peach Shaved Peach Shaded Orange Shaved Banana Shaved Blackberry Lemon Shaded Banana Shaded Lime Shade Lemon Shade Lime Shader Cherry Shaded Cherry Lime shade Lime shader lime shade lime shader lemon shade lemon shader citrus shade citrus shader grapefruit shade grapefruit lemon shades lime shades grapefruit lime shaded grapefruit

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