How to get your cut on, shaved, cut, shaved

  • July 23, 2021

In the early hours of March 24, 2017, an Alberta mother, Lisa Mather, left her children at home for a few hours, and then went out to a bar for an afternoon.

“I was at the bar when a gentleman came in and saw my kids and I was like, ‘Wow, they’re shaved,” she said.

“And then he said, ‘I’ve got a new haircut.'”

That’s when Mather and her husband, Bob, decided to give the shaved-over, half-shaved, cut-shave-off style a try.

They had heard that it was great to be able to have a full-on, full-body shave, but it didn’t really feel like it was part of the haircut.

So they decided to try it.

It worked, but not as well as they had hoped.

They went back to the bar for another session, but then a woman approached them and said she had seen a man doing it in the back, which is where they had left the kids.

The two women took off in a different direction, heading to the back door of the bar to ask if she could take a photo of the man doing the haircut and send it to her boss, she said, which she did.

They were then asked to come back and get the photo, but when they arrived back, the woman said she couldn’t take the photo.

So the couple asked the bar staff if they could have the photo taken, which they agreed to do.

But when they got back to their table, the man, a friend of Mather’s, was nowhere to be seen.

The bar staff didn’t know what to do, so they called 911.

Officers arrived and asked Mather if she had any information.

She told them the man had been seen at her home earlier that day and had told her he wanted to shave her hair, but she didn’t have a proper razor.

So officers had to call the RCMP.

She said the RCMP officers took a statement from the man and asked him to come to the Barbershop.

“The gentleman told them, ‘Yes, yes, I do have the razor, but I don’t have the cut, I can’t shave it,'” Mather said.

After talking to the RCMP officer, she was allowed to try on her new haircut, but a few days later, she found out the hair had been shaved too.

She went to the hospital, where she said she got a shave and got a lot of compliments.

But she said that the man also told her that he wanted her to cut his hair and that he wouldn’t be shaving his face.

So she gave him her full-face shaver to try.

“So the barber said, I’ve got to shave my face.

You’re going to have to shave your face?”

Mather asked.

“Yeah, but my kids can shave their face,” the barbershop worker responded.

Mather says the bar employee then told her she was cutting off the wrong part of her head, and she thought, Oh my God, my hair is going to come off.

“He put a razor on my hairline, and I had to shave it back. “

You can see from the pictures what he did,” Mather recalled.

“He put a razor on my hairline, and I had to shave it back.

What are they supposed to do? “

What are they going to do to my kids?

What are they supposed to do?

What do I do now?”

She said there was a little bit of a struggle between her and the barbshop owner about the haircut, and that she felt she was getting “a little bit lucky” because the bar’s employees had given her an extra half-hour to shave.

But the bar has since changed its policies, Mather told CBC News, and now says that employees are not allowed to have the bar cut their own hair.

“There’s a policy, and the policy is that they can’t have people cut their hair on their own,” she told CBC.

“It’s a bit of an issue.”

Lisa Mater, a mother of two from Fort McMurray, Alberta, told CBC she thought the bar was trying to push a “shaved-over look” that would “overload” women’s hair.

She added that it also “didn’t seem like a good idea” to shave the top of her hair because it would be “too messy.”

“I think the bar should be able [to] shave its own hair, I think it should have to have shaved their own [hair], because they should have the option,” Mater said.

Lisa Mazerz says she’s had to leave

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