Shaved guineafowl can be ‘one of the greatest gifts’ of the year

  • September 18, 2021

Shaved and shaven guinea pigs have become a huge hit with animal lovers.

The first ever sale on the popular pet was held on Monday, and it sold out in under an hour.

A second event was held in March and it has sold out twice.

Guinea pigs are an integral part of traditional tribal rituals and the festival of Shivpati, or “shave day”, has also been held every year since the 1950s.

It is said that the guineapigs have the ability to shave away more than 20 per cent of the skin off their bodies.

Shaving is considered to be one of the best gifts given by the gods.

The ceremony involves praying for three days, and the goat, pig or guinea bird will be shaved before it is fed.

Guineapig’s in the wild are also said to be able to shave the skin of goats, sheep and cows.

This is because the animals have the body parts of the gods, which they keep for use in the rituals.

Guines are a popular pet for people in India, as they are not usually thought to be aggressive towards people.

This can be due to their habit of being found on the streets, and also because they are thought to have special abilities.

Shaved guines have been bred for thousands of years and their fur is considered an extremely beautiful piece of clothing.

They are used as a symbol of protection in Hindu religious rituals and festivals.

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