Shave Club’s Joe Girardi and Pitbull Shaver’s Joe Garofalo to headline ‘Shave Club’ festival in Lakewood

  • August 16, 2021

Joe Girardini, owner of the shave club in Lakeland, Fla., said he’s in talks to bring Pitbull’s Joe Gillette to Lakewood this year, along with his son Joe Garo, the president of the Pitbull shavers’ association.

Girardi said the two shavers are in talks with the Lakewood Village Council, which will make the decision.

Girardinis shavers association has been on the receiving end of criticism from some for its poor customer service and poor product.

The association says it has been providing customer service for years, and has even been recognized as the top shaver in the country.

Garo said the Shaves Club has been a part of the Lakeland community for years.

He said he hopes to see the Lakelands community come together to support the shave clubs and promote a positive atmosphere at the festival.

The Shaves club opened in 2014.

The group’s Facebook page features a list of “Shaves Club” events, including a Shave and A Go Go, Shave for the Homeless, and Shavefest, which is sponsored by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Garofali said Lakewood residents should be able to enjoy the ShaveFest.

The shavers, which also include Gillette, have a Facebook page where they post updates on their events and sponsorships.

Garoffali said they would like to host an event at the Lake of the Woods Museum of Natural History this year.

He didn’t know whether the Shavings Club would be able get permission.

Garoldali said he thinks Lakewood has an interesting history.

He noted the club has been in Lakeville since 1982, and its members have been in attendance at local parades.

Lakewood is known as the birthplace of the American shaver.

Girardo said the Lake Woods Museum has hosted an annual Shave Fest for the past four years, but that the Lakeville group has had trouble getting permits.

The Lakewood Shaves Association said it has had discussions with the city and city officials about hosting an event, but hasn’t received any official word yet.

The U.N. agency says it can’t verify or comment on the validity of any reports of violations.

A spokeswoman for the Lake District Department of Public Works, which oversees the Lake County water supply, told Fox News it is not aware of any violations or complaints involving Lakewood.

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