How to shave your hair without shaving the goat

  • September 24, 2021

You might be surprised to know that shaving your hair is not a common occurrence.

You might think it’s impossible, but it’s not.

Here’s how to shave without hurting yourself.1.

Put on your hairpiece.

Most hairpieces will work just fine, but if you want to keep it straight, you’ll need to get the razor to shave with the hairpiece on.2.

Turn your head.

This will be your primary way to keep your hair straight, and it’s best to get as close to the scalp as possible to get a good shave.3.

Don’t shave your legs.

This is a good time to put on your foot.

You can do this in the shower, but not in your living room.

You want to be able to reach your leg for a clean shave.4.

Turn the hair back and forth.

This should keep the hair from coming off your head or hitting the floor.5.

Go to the bathroom.

You’ll want to get your hair combed, and then put it back on.

Hair will dry out, and that’s what makes a good razor.6.

Take your razor to the shower.

Make sure you’re getting your hair off and not the back of your neck, but you’ll want it to be clean and ready to go.7.

Turn on the shower head.

Use the showerhead to get rid of any water, and put your hair on.8.

Get out of the shower and shave again.

The showerhead will have a special suction cup to get you out of it.9.

Dry off.

The shaving soap and shampoo should be drying off your hair.10.

Shave again. Don

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