How to cut a shave without cutting your hair

  • August 8, 2021

If you’re new to shaving, here are some tips to help you make the transition.


Wash your face and neck first.

Wash with soap and water.

A gentle rinse with water is better than a harsh, chlorine-laden shower.


Avoid putting anything else in your hairbrush.

You’ll want to use a brush with bristles that are flat and narrow, rather than those with rounded ends.


Use a little shampoo or conditioner in the shower to soften the hair.

If you’ve been using a conditioner for a long time, it’s best to give it time to work.


Use your favorite shaving soap, but avoid using harsh or harsh-smelling shampoos.

You may want to try a different type.

You can also use an anti-bacterial shampoo or lotion if you like to use products with natural ingredients.


When you’re ready to shave, wash your hair with a mild shampoo, and then rinse your head with warm water.

This will soften the scalp, so that you can get a clean shave without scrubbing the area with soap.


Shave on a circular motion.

You should be able to shave your head on your circular motion, and if it’s not done right, you can shave the sides of your head as well.


When the hair is shaved, put it into a hairbrush and gently use it to brush away the excess.

This is what you want to avoid.


If it’s too wet, brush it out and repeat.

If the hair feels dry and itchy, you’re probably not ready to go on to the next step.


Dry it out.

If your hair is dry, dry it out with a damp towel.

You want to prevent it from getting soggy.


If that doesn’t work, use your hand to pull it back in, and gently massage the dry area with your fingers.

It should feel soft and silky.


Put your hair in a ponytail, and trim it off.

You don’t need to remove it completely, just trim it away from the rest of your hair.

You will be shaving a long, thin ponytail at this point.

This part is usually not so important.

The ponytail is a very personal decision, so do your research before you do. 12.

You are not shaving your scalp, you are shaving your face.

The hair on your face is your scalp.

When we shave our faces, we shave on our face.

We shave with our hands and not with our faces.


Use the back of a comb to comb the hair off the back side of your face before you shave.


Use two or three passes, and you should be ready to begin.

If not, repeat this process several times.


When your face begins to look soft, put your hair back into a pony-tail and trim away.

You might want to make sure you get a full shave before continuing.

If a part of your scalp is still wet, put the hair in another comb and gently scrub the hair out.

You’re done.

You’ve done your first full shave.

Here’s what your face looks like after a shave: What about your scalp?

Are there any things you can do to help your scalp look even better?

Let us know what you think!

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