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Hey Big Man, Let Me Hold A Dollar!


Hey big man, let me hold a dollar! Help an old bum out here, huh? Any contribution you can make, be it $1, $5, $10, $20, $50 or more will be GREATLY appreciated! I promise I won't tell you wild stories about a pregnant wife waiting in the car at a gas station because we ran out of gas and I forgot my wallet. Nor will I pretend to be a down and out Veteran who hasn't been properly taken care of by our government. We ALL know these guys really do exist, and it is shameful for people to exploit them in any manner. No, I'm just an average Joe, just like you and your friends, except I am a bum. Thank you in advance for all of your support.

PEACE! It's *not* just for hippies anymore!

Learn to be an offramp bum

This is a fun little executable toy for your desktop. It flips the screen upside down when you click it. Then you just click on the screen and it flips back upright. You can send it as a joke in emails or through messenger. Bad Day (some antivirus software flags this as a virus because it is an executable, but rest assured it is 100% virus free and 100% harmless to your, or anyone else's computer)


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